My core purpose is to develop and utilize my strong acumen and experience in Leadership in pioneering ways, using my initiative to try out new ideas and new theories that will lead to the betterment of life for all people.

Versatile, strategic and analytical business executive with 15 years’ leadership experience leading organizations, SBU’s and people in the IT, eLearning, Educational Training, Consulting and Construction industries.

I have a great wealth of experience having worked in both operational and senior executive roles.

Acumen includes strong and strategic competencies in ICT, Business Strategy, Business Development, Enterprise Development, Marketing, Human Resources, Organisational and Change Management.

Proven ability in creating high-performing corporate and organizational cultures by imparting well thought out market derived business solutions.

Demonstrable innovative leadership and pedigree in finance, business, and marketing strategy, and providing cost-effective business solutions.

• Enthusiast, Innovative with lateral thinking ability
• Planning (Anticipation), Proven problem-solving ability
• Assertive and goal orientated; thrives under pressure
• Intelligent, competent and effective